Trust4Value is an ICT consulting firm specialized in Business Analytics projects, with specific focus in SAS Institute’s technologies and platforms, a multinational company leader in Big Data & Big Analytics solutions.

Operating since 2011 and SAS Silver Partner from the very first day, Trust4Value has offices in Milan and Rome but has projects throughout Italy and… a little bit in Europe too!

Our technical and technological specialization, an enabler for any Business Analytics project, allows us to work in every market: banking, insurance, telco, utilities, public administrations are all areas in which we brought and bring our skills, both working directly and in second tier, behind leading consulting firms and systems integrators.

We pride ourselves to be a “Boutique Consulting Company”; to be a boutique brings a number of advantages to our customers:

  • Total focus on our specific and only segment of expertise, Business Analytics - this ensures high quality services: we know one thing only, but know it better
  • Competitive rates – we don’t have staff and red carpet, so no unneeded cost to cover
  • Direct relationship with decision makers – CEO is personally involved in every dealing and in every project
  • Flat organization – quick decisions and prompt answers to you needs
  • Collaborative, and not competitive, teams – as all colleagues know each other, very deep relationships get developed very quickly among everyone at the firm; this means a lot of knowledge sharing and mutual help… for everyone’s advantage
  • Quick to experiment and adopt new technologies – our extreme specialization allows us to be always updated on the latest technologies and thanks to our flat organization we can decide very quickly whether to invest on them, or not
  • Great flexibility – ehy, we’re hungry, we’ll do everything to win you as our next customer!

These strengths have allowed us to achieve extraordinary results in terms of revenues, number of employees and reputation in such a short time.

Extraordinary results obtained also thanks to the constant professional training of our consultants and the participation to the SAS Master Class programs, that allow us to train and recruit students and recent graduates of Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics faculties

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