Campaign Management

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Campaign Management

In today’s – and even more tomorrow’s – multichannel world it becomes essential to get in touch with customers and prospects using the channel they prefer, whether telephone, mail, e-mail, TV, Internet, Social Network or mobile.

There is also a very real risk of flooding your customers with offers that are irrelevant to them; just as easy, however, is not to leverage on all the information about their preferences you can discover simply by studying the way they navigate your site, use proposed links in your eMail or buy in your shops using the Loyalty Card.

To increase your knowledge of your customers, improve their retention and maximize the results of your marketing campaigns, there are five key areas of activity that processes and technology platforms must address and solve:

Managing Customer Data

Your customers data are often stored in separate functional silos, are not consolidated, are not normalized and are not integrated, preventing a complete view of your customer.

The first step is then to build a customers datawarehouse where all relevant information generated by your site, billing system, loyalty platform, trouble ticket, CRM are merged, making them, at the same time, consistent and reusable.

Know Your Customers

This phase consists in carrying out analysis on your customers’ behaviour: where, how and what they buy, whether they resort to credit, if they have shown sensitivity to previous campaigns, whether they are profitable,…

The goal is not only to observe the past behaviour, but to anticipate their needs, ultimately increasing retention

Profile and segment customers

If your customers are numerous, it is very important to organize them into homogeneous clusters based on their historical behaviour, bio-data, geographical and professional informations, for example.

This allows you to make analysis for specific market segments and develop real strategies for each identified segment, thus defining a target cluster for each specific price / promotion mix and the investment required to achieve the desired redemption, taking into account budget constraints or channel capacity, for example

Plan and Manage Campaigns

Completed the previous steps, it is now possible to design and implement automated campaigns, maximizing the investment, taking into account the budget constraints, being able to use more and more differentiated communication channels such as telephone, mail, eMail, TV, Internet and Social Network, for example.

For those channels allowing real-time relationship with the customer, your operator – with the support of the analytical platform – must be able to make decisions on what to offer, or not to offer, real-time

Reports and Dashboards

Last but not least, you must have complete visibility of all marketing activities through detailed reports and summary dashboards to measure and therefore possibly improve campaigns, customers segmentation, data representing them, processes and business organization.