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DataScienceLab has been operating since 2013 and is based in Bologna, ‘logical’ result of many experiences developed by groups led by Prof. Furio Camillo, University of Bologna, in more than 25 years of business and scientific partnership with SAS.

DataScienceLab deals with projects and applied research using the exploitation of internal and external data for the improvement of market activities, management and dissemination to private and public organizations.

The exploitation of information is performed by using statistical methods available applied to data and information of public and private organizations.

DataScienceLAB relies on an international network of multidisciplinary Scientist, coming from economics, business economics, statistics, psychology, sociology and communication, which provides continuously and permanently the state of the art about methods and advanced techniques for statistical data management.

The main areas of intervention are DataScienceLab:

  • Social media analysis and digital CRM
  • Analytics for CRM
  • Opinion and soul investigations
  • Pure Predicitive Models
  • Econometric forecasting systems
  • DB marketimg (pre-CRM) advanced treatment
  • Risk prediction
  • Marketing research
  • Data-models for Public administration
  • Digital Analytics
  • Human Capital Analytics
  • Statistical Models for Optimization
  • Impact evaluation and causal inference

For more info: http://datasciencelab.it.