Start testing Big Data, analytical models and solutions using an innovation lab, readily available and for a small fee.

Big Data Disoriented? Lab4Value!

Since some time the market has been offering products and technologies enabling companies to “Big Data”, creating a strange phenomenon: the availability of dozens of technological solutions to solve business problems yet to be identified using analytical methods still little present and known inside companies.

This trend, which T4V defines Big Data Disorientation, has had some side effects:

  • The birth of the figure of “Data Scientist” which should embrace technical, analytical and business skills but who’s currently hard to find in the world of work, if ever will
  • The creation of organizational structures dedicated to the data analysis that not always have, however, clear objectives and business cases justifying investments and internal structured processes

To fix these contradictions, T4V offers its customers Lab4Value, a Collaborative Lab integrating:

  • Methodological and Analytical Skills
  • Products and Platforms skills
  • A Public Cloud Infrastructure


with the aim to enable companies to test different technologies and methodologies and to acquire expertise with the lowest initial investment possible.

We call it a Collaborative Lab because it involves a strong partnership between

  • T4V, with its expertise and its Big Data Analytics infrastructures
  • the Client, with its knowledge of its own business, processes and data

For a small monthly fee, T4V gives you access to Big Data technologies installed in our public cloud, while our data scientists and specialists help your business experts to choose and set up use cases and prototypes, thus investigating whether and how Big Data Analytics can be useful for your business.

We do not know your business as well as you do and maybe you do not know Big Data Analytics as we do – so, let’s work together to get the best out of it!

The implementation approach is based on the following step-by-step process:

As regards analytical models and methodologies, T4V has partnered with DataScienceLab, the Data Scientist team with great experience in the following fields: Social media analysis and digital CRM, Analytics for CRM & CZRM, Opinion and soul investigations, Econometric forecasting systems, DB marketing (pre-CRM) advanced treatment, Risk prediction, Marketing research, Data-models for Public administration, Digital Analytics, Human Capital Analytics, Statistical Models for Optimization, Impact evaluation and causal inference