SAS Managed Analytics

The power of SAS solutions combined with the simplicity of managed services and the cloud.

SAS Managed Analytics

Quite often the management over time of SAS platforms is not addressed with the attention that critical business applications deserve. The reason is generally related to the complexity of these platforms and the difficulty of training SAS Architects and Administrators or find them “ready” on the job market.

T4V is the company leader in Italy in the installation, configuration, integration and administration of any SAS platform, and, thanks to its strong experience in the administration of complex SAS architectures within major Italian companies, it proposes the new SAS Managed Analytics Service specifically designed for the SME Market, departmental installations and any other environment that doesn’t need a full-time, dedicated team.

T4V’s Managed Analytics Service is thus a smart alternative to the installation and/or the management of SAS platforms at customers’ datacenters or in cloud, which often require the involvement of different actors and timelines not always consistent with business needs.

In order to offer maximum flexibility to its customers, T4V offers two different versions of its SAS Analytics Managed Service:

Managed Analytics on-premises

  • Installing or taking charge of SAS platforms at the Customer’s premises
  • Periodic system and platforms monitoring service
  • Support to Customer definition of backup/restore policy
  • Incident, problem management and recovery activities in view of SAS platform malfunctions
  • Optionally provision of SAS software. T4V is a SAS Reseller Partner

Managed Analytics on Cloud

  • Deployment from scratch or migration of pre-existing SAS Customer platforms on T4V Cloud infrastructure
  • Proactive and periodic system and platforms monitoring service
  • Complete management of backup/restore process
  • Incident, problem management and recovery activities in view of SAS platform malfunctions
  • Optionally provision of SAS software. T4V is a SAS Reseller Partner

The two services have their own activation roadmaps managing both the taking charge of the platforms, in case of on-premises services, and the setup of the new infrastructure, in a Platform as a Service model:

  • Step 1

    Initial Assessment of the existing platform (or design of the new platform)

  • Step 2

    Talking charge or setup of the platform at the Customer’s datacenter

  • Step 3

    Setup or periodic monitoring

  • Step 4

    Incident and problem management

  • Step 1

    Design of the new platform

  • Step 2

    Setup of the platform on T4V Cloud infrastructure

  • Step 3

    Setup of proactive and periodic monitoring

  • Step 4

    Incident and problem management

Both solutions provide a monitoring service, which can be either of periodic type in case of On Customer’s Premises Service or both periodic and proactive in case of In T4V’s Public Cloud Service.

The incident & problem management and recovery service are provided through a dedicated Help Desk with two contractual service levels: Silver, with 8hx5d coverage, and Gold, with 24hx7d coverage.

In the same way, as an option T4V can also provide an Application Maintenance Service on SAS applications developed by the Customer and/or third parties.