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Data Management & Data Quality

Complete and updated data for accurate and reliable analyses.

The success of any Business Analytics project largely depends on the quantity and quality of those data which reporting and analysis will be based on.

Data Management is a set of technologies and methodologies that allows the handling of large volumes of data, making them reliable and usable by all functions of a company: includes data collection and their remediation, validation and standardization; data transformation and handling, either in batch or real-time mode. Any subsequent report or statistical analysis will thus be based on certified data only.

It’s the far more complex process in any given business analytics project: data are generally stored and organized in a business process logic, using different technologies, often not well documented and without the holistic view necessary to any business analysis at enterprise level.

Along with these internal data, normally stored in traditional datawarehouses, data generated outside the company itself are increasingly used for business purpose; these external data are often unstructured and thus stored using the recent Data Lake technologies, further complicating the data management process.

T4V can help you in this delicate stage by designing and building the Level I & II data warehouses, the Data Lakes, the ETL procedures that populate and keep them updated as well as the “data cleaning” functionalities, the bunch of rules and processes needed to eliminate inconsistencies and duplications that could distort the following analyses.

T4V uses, as needed, all available instruments from SAS programming (SAS / Base, Macro, Stored Process, …) to visual tools (Data Integration, Enterprise Guide, DataFlux).

Visual Reporting & Exploration

Analyses and reports clear and effective for the right decision at the right time.

The data collected during the Data Management and Data Quality phase have to be analyzed and organized into reports that can be stored and shared; analyses and reports are supposed as simple as possible to be made – and accessible in mobility with tablets and smartphones.

The goals of this phase are manifold:

  • To allow the analysis of large amounts of data quickly and easily
  • To make business users independent from the corporate IT, both in creating and analyzing the reports
  • To enable business users to explore data in search of correlations and phenomena that can then be modeled by Data Scientist with more appropriate tools, such as SAS Miner
  • To allow the top management to access KPI Dashboards anywhere anytime
  • To integrate reports and analyses with individual productivity tools, such as MS Excel

T4V can help you realize analyses, standard and custom reports, and management dashboards using tools such as SAS Visual Analytics, Visual Statistics, Web Report Studio, BI Dashboard, Office Analytics, SAS / Graph.

We can also create automated integrations with MS Office tools such as Excel and PowerPoint, and make the report fruition as much easy and enjoyable as possible integrating SAS with Web2.0 technologies such as HTML5 and Ajax.

Big Data Analytics Architecture

A technological infrastructure that supports your business ensuring performance and safety.

SAS architecture is increasingly complex and integrated with other technologies and designing, installing, configuring, integrating and administering such an environment is a challenging task.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of ICT, such as Operating Systems, Web and Application Servers, Proxy, LDAP, SSO and so on, T4V is able to offer unique expertise to carry out both the design of the entire technological architecture and the installation, configuration, integration and management of all SAS platforms and solutions. Such as: Foundation, EBI, Data Integration, Visual Analytics, Enterprise Miner, Forecast Server, Risk Management, Marketing Management.

Even in High Performance configurations, such as Grid, In Memory and HADOOP-based. As a matter of facts, T4V, thanks to a partnership with Cloudera and hands-on direct expertise, may ultimately support you in the best integration between SAS solutions and the stack Hadoop / Spark / Hive, taking charge of the installation, configuration, tuning up to operational management, where necessary, of both environments.

And if your strategy includes the Cloud, T4V can install SAS traditional solutions on MS Azure or on our own public cloud, for example, or let you exploit the brand new cloud-based SAS Viya platform.

Product, Software and Data Migration

Platforms and solutions always updated to remain efficient and competitive.

SAS technologies evolve rapidly, new releases follow each other with increasing frequency; a project started as a small one on a single Windows server grows and needs a multi-node architecture on Unix. How can you protect your investments and simultaneously keep updated such a business-critical platform as a Business Analytics one?

T4V can assist you by providing you an interdisciplinary team that takes care of all aspects of a migration project: installation of the new platform, migration of users and security configurations, porting of procedures ETL procedures, data and reports made over the time, reorganization of jobs’ scheduling, execution of non-regression tests and final switch over.

Migration projects are extremely critical: often the software and reports to be migrated are not documented or the documentation is not updated, often the migration itself is triggered by regulatory changes or end-of-support products that make impossible to miss the project’s closing date; sometimes the migration implicates a profound redesign of data, jobs and reports.

Having a single interlocutor reduces this criticality and T4V, thanks to its Project Management Professional (PMP)® certified personnel, can support you in the end-to-end project management, taking care of all aspects of the migration project and managing all project’s stakeholders and IT structures involved, whether internal or third-parties.

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